• Creating a wedding day that reflects your mom.
  • Having people who don't think their dogs are their children
  • Inviting that family member/coworker that stresses you out to your wedding
  • Picking colors and a style that you think everyone would love or sunflowers because it is the fall and that is "what you should do."

Hard Pass

  • Creating a wedding day that reflects you and your partner.
  • Having your dog in your wedding or at least there for the photos
  • Spending money on fabulous shoes, travel, and experiences. 
  • Showing up as your truest self and practicing self love.
  • Loving the color black and still wanting a breathtaking wedding!

Here for it

Eryn A.

"the one thing I never had to worry about was whether our wedding plans were on track. She took my super vague wedding vision from over 18 months ago and RAN with it. It was seriously better than I ever imagined."

Welcome to Maverick Chic Events, where we transform your distinctive style and independent spirit into an innovative and immersive wedding experience. Crafted especially for you, by people who understand you.

We are a company that unveils your true self, leaving no stone unturned in showcasing your unique style, unconventional grace, and attitude. We're the bridge between your wildest imaginations and reality. Who says you can't be authentically you and host the most elegantly chic wedding your guests will rave about for generations to come?

We understand that being revolutionary and unconventional can be a challenge, and that's precisely why we're here. Maverick Chic Events was born to help you shine as your most extraordinary and authentic self on your special day. We can't wait to hear from you and bring your vision to life

Catherine: Owner

XOXO- Maverick Chic

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-Diana B.

"she was super helpful in creating our mood board, asking questions we wouldn't have thought of for planning and what vibes we wanted for the wedding."